PAWS Pet Therapy

A not-for-profit charitable organisation that trains volunteers and their dogs to provide specialised pet therapy.

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PAWSitive things are happen'n at PAWS

Like the rest of Australia the PAWS crew are looking forward to a brighter future. We may be in this together as a nation  but we are also fighting our own battles;  elements of fear, isolation and uncertainty never being far away. With the help of our beautiful dogs and people it is time to have some PAWSitive experiences.


PAWS is looking forward to being with you every step of the way on the journey to recovery.  We are not saying it will be easy but together we will get there. 

From the moment we made the difficult decision to place our service on pause we have been working towards the day when we could recommence our visits. As we prepare to have our first teams return to service PAWS would like to share how we are making this happen.  



With your best friend anything is possible


With a little help from our friends


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Things getting you down?

Here's some tips and links to get you through

Our Police checked and trained volunteers, and their vet-accredited, healthy and obedient dogs can visit you in a variety of settings including supported accommodation and community facilities.

Please be aware we are currently operating in

New South Wales only


If you would like more information about pet-assisted therapy and how it could be of benefit to a loved-one, or at your facility please click here.

PAWS currently has volunteers trained to visit people who:

  • have a disability

  • have dementia

  • have mental health

  • are frail-aged

  • are children

  • have challenging behaviours

  • are undergoing chemotherapy treatment

  • are taking part in rehabilitation programs

  • are lonely

  • are on the Autism Spectrum

  • are palliative

  • require university student support

  • require workplace support

  • require HSC support

Our Dogs...

Our #1 priority

They are our friends, our colleagues, a shoulder to cry on and a warm body to snuggle up to. We love them and they love us. What an honour it is to share these wonderful beings with so many others.

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A solo fundraising motorbike ride around Australia by PAWS volunteer John Southwood.
13,940 kms over 6-8 weeks subject to the weather, COVID restrictions, border control and the body!