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Give 'em the 'ol Razzle Dazzle

We are very proud of all our wonderful two and four-legged volunteers so each year we like to put on a do to celebrate just how fantastic they are. While the furry volunteers get to kick back at home the human variety can paint the town purple. 
A big part of these celebratory events is the 'Zep' award for Volunteering Excellence. Zep, the first Paws Pet Therapy dog is honored in this award that acknowledges a few special volunteers who have gone above and beyond each year.   
We welcome you to view past events.

Paws Pet Therapy is well known for throwing a swell party for the PAWS cause. Our 'Dash of Purple' events are not only a lot of fun they help to keep PAWS as a not for profit funded to keep doing what we do best...bringing the love of dogs to people of all ages. Take a trip down memory lane to our past Dash of Purple events.

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