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Paws Pet Therapy volunteer extraordinaire JOHN SOUTHWOOD is em"barking" on a life changing and butt-numbing adventure - a motorbike ride around OZ to raise $$$ for a cause close to his heart - PAWS Pet Therapy. Is he "barking" mad - possibly! Unbelievably generous - definitely.
John's trusty offsider Reggie will have to sit this adventure out. He'll be waiting patiently for John's return, when he can once again don the PAWS vest and spread the PAWS magic. Two stressed and overworked PAWS office staff, and an understanding of the amazing PAWS potential were the inspiration for this trip. John's aim is to raise funds for a part time PAWS admin person. Having an extra team member will help us meet the needs of so many more people, and develop our interstate and regional programs. We don't want anyone to miss out on the love of the PAWS dogs, so we need to extend our services. John will be travelling solo - One Man, 2 Wheels, a Go Pro and a tent. It's a big country but John has a big heart and plenty of enthusiasm. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram - we'll be providing daily updates with plenty of pictures of John, the BMW, his ZEP dog mascot and the open road. Stay safe John - THANK YOU!

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