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COVID...Keeping our PAWS on the pulse

We have a COVID Safe policy, are registered as a COVID Safe business, and are constantly updating and improving our service to meet or exceed the highest standards. Our teams have been provided with 3-ply masks, hand sanitizer and antibacterial dog wipes, and are required to complete a COVID Infection Control course . We equip our teams with ongoing infection control training, up-to-date information and relevant facility standards and requirements.

We like to keep our “paw on the pulse” in relation to information and guidelines provided by NSW Health and other regulatory and Government bodies, and we will continue to respect this advice and act accordingly.

We understand the great need for the PAWS service in our community, and we know that cancelled visits means sad faces. For this reason, we will keep our doors open, and keep looking for creative ways to implement our service whenever possible.

We want to be there for those who need us most, when they need us. The ongoing COVID period, with no immediate end in sight, is bringing with it anxiety, uncertainty and family, work and mental health issues. Our dogs can help! Please contact us if you would like to have a chat about our service, or how we could help you or a loved one. A wagging tail and goofy smile might be just what the Doctor ordered.

The PAWS Team

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