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Eric Way

7th May 1939 -

26th February 2016

Eric and his lovely Red Setter, Finn McCool, were regular visitors to the

Southern Highlands Cancer Centre. A generous and caring man,

Eric brought comfort and a smile to the patients

undergoing chemo treatment, at a time when he was

fighting his own battle with cancer.

A recent testimonial from a lady who looked forward to

Eric & Finn's visit says it all.......


"The visits from Eric and Finn were the only things that got me through my treatment.

There were definitely days when I didn't want to be there, but Eric and Finn

would walk in and brighten the day for, not just me, but everyone having treatment. 

And all while this wonderful man was having cancer treatment himself." S

Eric & Finn also visited the residents at Anthem Care.

Our thoughts are with Eric's wife Vivienne and their family.

Thank you for sharing Eric with us - he & Finn made a difference to the lives of so many.

Finn McCool will continue his Paws career with Paws volunteer, Karin Recktenwald.

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