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Farewell Cooper

Cooper joined our family in 2012 when he was nearly three. We were his third home. We already had our chocolate Labrador Dave and Cooper (then known as Baz) was Dave’s half brother. Their mother Shirley was the most beautiful lab so when offered the chance to rescue Cooper who was being chained in a back yard as his elderly owner couldn’t manage him, we said yes please! 


 We also had a Golden Retriever, Baxter hence the name change! He adapted well and settled into the pack. Such a sooky boy, he would have hated his outside life! 


Cooper demonstrated such empathy, when, one day a distressed friend disclosed child sexual abuse to me. I went to put the kettle on and returned to find Cooper sitting on her knee, giving her the best ever Cooper cuddle. 


We moved to Goulburn and I saw the ad for Paws 'n' Tales In the library and decided this would be great for Cooper and me. We completed the training and Cooper just loved his visits to the library. He loved all the staff and all the children who read him stories.


At one stage he had had back pain and Xrays showed he had gun shot pellets in his back. Obviously acquired prior to him joining us. As he aged this did cause discomfort and he also developed arthritis in his hips and shoulders. Getting up and down from the couch caused him discomfort so sadly he needed to retire.  I started taking his sister Lou Lou to the library is his place, but had to change into my Paws shirt away from Coop as he got so excited when he saw me put it on! Lou Lou is doing a great job but everyone missed Cooper! 

He was the sweetest boy and gave joy to so many. He loved his brothers and sister and walks. Especially loved having trips to the beach. Such wonderful memories.


We thought his arthritis had got worse, nothing helped, then further Xrays sadly showed he had osteosarcoma. It was very aggressive and the pain couldn’t be managed so we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye. 


RIP Cooper 




21 Sept 2008-24 April 2020

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