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Pepper Potts

August 2022

Pepper in Memorium

Pepper Potts came to live with us early in 2017 after being rescued from the pound on the day she was scheduled to be put to sleep. Falling instantly in love with our family, including our Great Dane Ferris Bueller, Pepper was never one to complain, or miss out on the pleasures of life. We don’t know how old Pepper was when she moved in with us, but it became obvious very quickly that not only did she love EVERYONE, but absolutely nothing phased her. If there were people to cuddle, Pepper was always willing to put her paws up to help.
During her years as a PAWS Pet Therapy dog, Pepper delighted children at local schools, calmed the nerves of numerous HSC and university students, offered reassurance to clients and staff at Mental Health units, charmed visitors to the Wayside Chapel during the Christmas period, sat in quiet contemplation during one-to-one home visits, and promoted the benefits of dog assisted therapy, even appearing on national breakfast telly!

Pepper crossed the rainbow bridge on 8th August 2022 and is deeply missed by her two- and four-legged family members.

RIP beautiful girl.

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