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Gwen Bullard provides some lovely words about her beloved dog Molly



I rehomed Molly from the Moss Vale Shelter almost five years ago. When I walked in, Molly was up on her hind legs, front paws up on the wire enclosure. Also there was Minty in the adjoining enclosure. I was told they had been surrendered from a puppy farm because they were “too old.” They were seven & eight at the time. I was looking to rehome one dog at the time, for company for my other dog Sambo, but of course went home with both dogs! I was told Molly had had a litter only three months before they were surrendered.


It was hard work in the beginning because they had obviously never lived in a home before & never stopped barking! It took about a year before I felt we had any semblance of order. There were times I wondered what I had let myself into! Little did I know then just how much Molly would give back to me & everyone around her. It didn’t take long to realise that she was a “people dog” & loved socialising with everyone. 


She took to her Paws Pet Therapy work like a duck to water. The first thing she liked to do when we arrived at the hospital was check the coffee shop where she loved to meet other dogs who might be there while their owners had coffee. Once inside, she would check every open office door on the way to the Cancer Centre, so she could say hello to the staff. Once in the Centre, she was in seventh heaven loving to socialise with everyone!


In December 2018 she had  her first heart seizure & was immediately put on heart medication which kept her in good health with no seizures, so she was able to continue her work at the Centre till last October when the other side of her heart began to fail. She went to Doggie Heaven on 20th January 2020. Minty took over her work at Paws then, as before October, they used to take it in turns to visit the Cancer Centre.


I have never met a dog like Molly & never will again. She loved & lived life to the full, so busy, bossy & feisty! A week before she died, she managed to move a large rock from the rockery after a blue tongue lizard!


Minty now has a new sister, a five year old wire haired Jack Russel called Winnie (the Pooch) who he loves as much as he loved Molly. 

20th January 2020

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