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Volunteer Appreciation Lunch & 'Zep' Award for Volunteering Excellence 

Melaleuca House
Australian Botanic Garden


A very warm thank you to our volunteers, their families and all our Paws Pet Therapy friends for attending our annual Volunteer Appreciation and 'Zep' Award event at the picturesque Australian Botanic Gardens. A big thank you to Kylie and Adam from Melaleuca House Restaurant, your hospitality and food was impeccable as always.

Congratulations to Gwen Bullard the first recipient of the 'Zep' award on the day. Gwen has had years of pet therapy experience yet still visits with the same enthusiam and warmth as the day she started with us. The second award went to Andrew Feros for his enthusism and dedication to helping new teams find their feet and paws. In true hollywood style Andrew accepted his award from Copenhagen with the same joie de vie or livsglaede as they say in Danish as when he visits.


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