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Ben came into our lives about 8 years ago as a stray being picked up from a very busy road by our daughter.  He was old then, about 10 the vet estimated, so after much medical work and lots of retraining in trust he was ready to settle into a normal happy life.


About three years ago, I was attending Pet Therapy visits with my other boy R.J. for both hospital visits and Paws n Tales, when R.J. decided it was Ben's time to help with the hospital visits and he would carry on with the children.  From the first time I took Ben to Anthem Care an Aged Care facility he had found his niche in life.  He would  love being passed from knee to knee with lots of cuddles from the residents. When he went into the high care section, he knew just to snuggle under an arm and keep as still as possible.  He would love Mondays and knew exactly where he was going despite being blind and nearly deaf, he continued with his work right up until his passing. 


He was 17 when he said Goodbye, our little man will not be forgotten and will be missed by all who cuddled him.

Maria Morton




15th January 2019

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