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There are many stories we can share with you about how PAWS dogs bring light & laughter, comfort and companionship into the lives of people in need. The images and quotes below can be used in publications featuring Paws Pet Therapy. 
For further media enquiries please contact Sharon Stewart 0418 869 181

University Wellbeing Visit

University Student Wellbeing Visit. Time spent with a therapy dog can alleviate stress & anxiety for young people.

Henry George and Cullunghutti

Cullunghutti preschool visits in Nowra NSW. Helping young children to develop empathy & kindness towards animals.


PAWS dogs add fun to corporate events as well as providing stress release for attendees.

Te're and Dolly

Dolly dressed up to make someone smile. There is nothing wrong with being a bit goofy if is makes someone's day.

Huddie and Clara

Hudson the Golden Retriever receiving a hug from a client. The elderly look forward to their weekly visit from a PAWS team. For many it is the highlight of their week.

Headspace 19jpeg

Headspace. Visits to Mental Health Facilities are on the rise. People need dogs to bring joy and comfort into their lives like never before.


Christmas cheer at aged care facility. Our volunteers often go the extra mile on their visits. They love sharing their dogs with people. Sometimes they are the only visitors a person receives.

Roxy hug

Roxy receiving a hug from hospital staff. Getting through the wall of staff is the first hurdle for a PAWS volunteer but they are often the most in need of a hug.

Huddie HSC

Hudson at HSC support visit at a library. Libraries are incorporating a PAWS visit into their HSC support programs. Our dogs calm nervous students and encourage them to communicate with their fellow students.

Close up of PAWS dog

Snoopy receiving a hug. The time spent with a PAWS dog can be the highlight of a week.

A PAWS dog loving their work

The smile says it all

I could take this all day!

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