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9th July 2021

Beautiful “Bear” has been with PAWS Pet Therapy since the very beginning.

In 2012, Dawn & Bear joined the fledgling PAWS Pet Therapy, completed the course and commenced visits at nursing homes and the Southern Highlands Cancer Centre. They were one of the first accredited PAWS teams.

What a joy it was for chemotherapy patients, hooked up to drips and feeling uncertain of the future, to have gorgeous Bear visit, snuggle in for a cuddle and give them a beautiful smile.

In 2017, after brightening the day for 100’s of patients in aged care facilities, rehab and palliative care units, including David Berry Hospital, it was time for Bear to “put his paws up” and enjoy retirement. The retirement gifts Bear received from his clients showed how loved he was and how much he would be missed.

Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9th July 2021, at the age of 14. His legacy will live on in the thousands of hours of joy being provided by PAWS teams each year. He will be remembered as a handsome boy with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

We like to imagine Bear and Zep, 2 PAWS foundation dogs together again, looking down on us, keeping an eye on our work.

Thank you Bear.

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