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More than  BBQs and sausage sizzles...

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As much as we enjoy and need to receive offers of financial assistance here at Paws Pet Therapy we also like to create partnerships and friendships. Luckily for us the Rotary Club of Picton has become both a financial supporter and loyal friend and we are mutually proud of what we each achieve in our communities. 

Picton Rotary was chartered in October 1966 with 26 members and continues today with an equal passion for helping others. One founding member is still an active Rotarian. That's dedication! From running markets and the much loved Thirlmere Steam Festival to programs such as UTurn the Wheel - a driver awareness program for young people the Rotary Club is always there to support people in their local community, around Australia and even overseas. Most recently in conjunction with RAWCS the club secured a grant for $50,000 that has helped The Australian Wildlife Sanctuary in Bargo recover and reopen after the devastating bushfires of 2019. Imagine how proud we are that the club has chosen our non-profit to support amongst so many other worthy recipients. Always quiet achievers, it is safe to say that Picton and the greater Wollondilly area would be a lesser place without the club and its dedicated members. 

Our association with the Rotary Club of Picton has been going strong for over 5 years. We have attended many of their key events including 3 President Changeovers and likewise they have been there to help PAWS celebrate some special moments by attending our annual 'Zep' award for Volunteering Excellence and our Dash of Purple fundraising galas.


Financially, the club has provided yearly funding to help purchase kit items for our new volunteers and assisted with the costs of catering and other expenses at training days. Further, we have been the recipient of several Steam Festival Grants. 

At PAWS we often wonder how a small group of people can achieve so much - money as we know does not grow on trees. The answer is hard work - yes, there have been many BBQs but there have also been open gardens, grocery grabs, grant writing, early mornings and late nights. In the words of Rotary Founder Paul P Harris..."Rotarians are very much more favourably disposed toward action then they are toward words."

How lucky are we that this is the case. We look forward to many more years of mutual support and thank the Rotary Club of Picton for helping us to help others. 

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