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Jo Mackay

Volunteer Recruitment & Admin Support
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Hi everyone,


My name is Jo Mackay. I am married, mum to three amazing daughters and Gaga to four even more amazing grandkids. We have 3 dogs, 4-year-old Clancey the adhd rescue Kelpie, needy Phoebe the 13-year-old Cavalier and the newest edition, Nahni, a 6-month-old rescue whose breed is unknown, but we believe mum was a good sport.

I joined the PAWS family in July 2023, when the opportunity presented to for me to join the team in a formal capacity, working behind the scenes from the Orangeville location. This was timely. My love of dogs, and the PAWS core values and reputation resonated with me, and I was lucky enough to come on board. 

My love of horses and animals has presented me with opportunities over the years by way of volunteering and in a paid capacity. Volunteering with Riding For Disabled from its inception for several years, and for over 35 years, breaking in, teaching, training and competing my own and clients' horses in the disciplines of the show ring, dressage, eventing and show jumping.

For the last 43 years to present, my 'real' job has been in the area of Aged Care and Disability, so I feel very lucky that my role here at PAWS allows that connection to continue, be it in a different format.

I am very proud and lucky to be part of the PPT family and bare witness every day to the impact and the life changing moments a visit can have. To be involved with likeminded people who are passionate about what we do is a privilege.


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