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Lisa McKay

Operations Coordinator
Paws 'n' Tales Coordinator

I sometimes wonder how I fell into a job that combines the things I love - books, dogs and helping people. Did I find it, or it me?

After struggling with reading at school up to year 5, I often think what my life would have been like if the literacy light bulb had not come on before I started high school. Being able to read creates opportunities and provides entertainment; books are a place of escape and a source of information. Once I started reading I didn’t stop, working in bookshops and libraries, joining book groups and losing myself in hundreds of books over the years. There is only one thing better than curling up with a good book…curling up with a good book and a dog. The Paws ‘n’ Tales program brings together dogs, books, and kids…and I love it.

I now also assist with running our busy PAWS office as our Operations Coordinator, working with our volunteers and their lovely dogs, helping bring the joy and magic of pet assisted therapy to people in need. Being able to give back to my community and helping others to give back in theirs is one of the best parts of my job…and of course, dogs, I get to meet lots of dogs.


Warm Regards Lisa


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